What should be the Animal Welfare Strategies?

An agreement signed for educating people about the proper treatment with animals. This agreement was contracted between the World Society for the Protection of Animals, a global leader in animal welfare and Animal Health, and Welfare Branch of the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association at the third China Veterinary Conference on 30th of October. The agreement was for those people who don’t keep pets or don’t used to work in an environment where animals are around. They might even think animal welfare education has nothing to do with them.

Animal welfare is not all about giving food and basic care. It also about protecting them from avoidable sufferings caused by humans. People in China are more concerned about their food safety in daily life. If you care for the animals, the food is more likely to be safe. A recent study of WHO (World Health Organization) showed that 75 percent of new diseases which affected humans over the past 10 years are caused by pathogens originating from an animal or product from an animal origin.

Quality and safety of animal products such as eggs, meats and dairy is often determined by how animals are kept in the farm. Animal welfare is needed to spread among the people of China to create harmony among animals, humans and the environment.

China has second largest economy in the world and due to that reason China farms and consumes a big number of poultry and livestock. Therefore China needs a better guidance to stay collected on their welfare policy.

All of the technical support, consultation and partial funding will be provided by WSPA. In addition to that they will also create courses on in-depth research for animal welfare in more than 30 Chinese Universities and perform a veterinary undergraduate’s survey, through which conventions will be held to formulate training for animal welfare teachers and to develop pilot education programs.