Time to Take Initiative for Saving Sumatran Rhinos

Around 26 years later nearly extinct Sumatran rhinos have been found in the Leuser forest in Aceh province of Indonesia. A conservationist’s team found the presence of this rare and critically endangered rhinos in this area. When it seemed, these two horned animals are actually extinct then discover of their presence in 9th Dec, 2011 outcry the animal lovers.

Among all rhino species, Sumatran rhinos are the most primitive and smallest. On International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List took place in Jakarta, these rhinos were declared as just a step away from extinction and hardly be found.

A forest ranger team of Leuser International Foundation was first to notice the presence of Sumatran rhinos. This team conducts a survey for around one year. Their aim was to sightseeing and trapping cameras in different positions to know about the activities of various animals and fortunately they found these animals after two decades.

From their trapped cameras they found over thousand photos of Sumatran rhinos roaming freely in the deepest forest. From the data and images found in two different locations, about 25 rhinos are found in this area. When the survey will be completed LIF is expecting this number will increase. But unfortunately, the survey team also noticed illegal activities in the forest. US Fish and Wildlife Service is funding for this survey and they are worried about the illegal activities may threaten the existence of these nearly extinct rhinos. It’ll be a matter of great sorrow if these activities cannot be controlled soon. In this eco system nearly 710 animal species live, 180 among them is nearly extinction. Not only we will lose these two horned rhinos but Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan, Malayan Sun Bears and Sumatran Elephant will face the same fate.