The cetaceans are more valuable than coal

Why does Australia not intervene in Japan’s illegal whaling activities? Here’s your answer.
Australia is one of the world’s greatest producer of coal. 75% of Australia’s coal is exported…the majority of it going to Japan – 43.3 million tons of coking, 61.5 million tons of steaming. That’s 104.8 million tons total…RANKING JAPAN THE #1 CONSUMER OF AUSTRALIAN COAL! Hmmmmmm……and we wonder why Australia won’t intervene? SSCS has requested help many different times from Australia. It seems this money from coal is more important than the safety of the Australian citizens who have volunteered and put their life on the line to stop this illegal whaling operation. Goodness forbid of Australia offended Japan and lost all the money from the coal mining.

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The cetaceans are more valuable than coal ! PLEASE SIGN ! !