New Policy on Animal Responsibility in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth City in Texas has taken a new policy in animal responsibility. Under this new policy the Fort Worth Animal Shelter will continue to accept owners’ surrenders if there’s a “public health, welfare or safety” risk. The surrender also includes sick animals. The owners who are elder enough and can’t take good care of their pets or any sick animal which can create problems to public health and hygiene this shelter will gladly accept them.

This new policy has already been passed and the shelter is taking owners surrender. But animal advocates are worrying this new policy will cause problem for shelter. They worry that the crowded Fort Worth animal shelter’s move to cut off most owner surrenders will result in more dogs being abandoned in the street, and nonprofit shelters and rescue groups being swamped.

City’s code compliance director Bennett said “unconscientious owners have dumped their pets ‘all over the city,’ even when the shelter took ‘everything that came to our doorstep’.”

Bennett said the city isn’t trying to push animal control responsibility off on nonprofits like the Humane Society of North Texas, whose operations director said Wednesday that the city is shirking its taxpayer-funded obligation to the public health.

“We can’t lose sight of the fact that we’re operating at capacity,” and the city has a constrained budget, Bennett said. “That falls under the health, welfare or safety caveat,” he said.

The policy will change the lazy and careless owners who haven’t made any effort to find suitable home for their pets. Within this month shelter will take more than 25,000 animals. Through July 31 around 3,422 pets have been surrendered by their owners. More will be and the city will take their responsibility from their owners.