New Laws on Animal Welfare in California

California government and administration is paying extra attention in animal welfare. In the latest news they have announced new laws for animal protection. It’ll prohibit certain hunting, increase animal protection and add extra penalty in animal cruelty. Advocates working on animal rights and protection are pleased with the new announcement.

From now on using the dog in bears and bobcats hunting is strictly prohibited. In the new bill cockfighting has been banned and if anyone found out guilty with this charge will be penalized from a maximum of $5,000 to $10,000. Penalty for dog and other types of animal fighting is also increased in this newly passed bill.

Many of the owners declaw their pets. This process is painful and leaves the pets defenseless. In this bill, this has been prohibited and will be charged as animal cruelty which will lead the owners to penalty.

Government will follow strict restriction to protect to animal cruelty. The owners who will be charged with animal cruelty won’t gain custody of their animals and they must pay the full costs of medication if the animals are confiscated.

Also two bills were passed which will strongly affect the state’s fishing and gaming scenario. No more amateur will be able to take part in the commission. To participate they must have wildlife background.

Hunting groups are strongly opposing most of the bills. They think the newly passed laws will leave a little option for them and most of them are unnecessary. Maximum families have pets like cats or dogs. Without little exception most of people treat their pets as a family member. The animal welfare commission is quite charmed by the new initiative taken and welcomed the government to take such bold step in animal protection.