New Animal Welfare Law at Nicosia Cyprus

Michalis Lagos, Health Inspector of Nicosia Municipality, said that the growing problem with animal welfare and stray dogs needs to be more flexible. Productive law that will hopefully be in place at the end of this year.

The local municipalities, interior ministry, officials from the game fund veterinary services and NGO’s have been conducted to contribute in constructing a new law that will oversee swifter and efficient handling of situations where animals have been abandoned.

Lagos said, “In many situations it boils down to the owners of the animals. It happens especially in cases of stray dogs. All animals have certain needs, whether they are dietary or physical and the people looking to purchase a pet should complete the necessary research to learn what they are getting themselves into.”

According to Lagos, the Nicosia Municipality had received a number of reports about the stray dogs, which he put down to the end of hunting season. He added, “There is always an increase in numbers of dogs at this time of the year at the end of hunting season, a problem that we hope the new law will eradicate.“

A stray dog is picked by the local authorities and they pick it in temporary care for 15 days. If its owner doesn’t come back to look it, it is handed to the Nicosia Dog Shelter. Nicosia municipality advertises about the lost dogs in the papers, hoping that the owner can be found.

Charalambos Theopemtou, Environment Commissioner, beliefs that many active organizations that work on the behalf of the animals have been founded, but there is still room for improvement. He said, “Serious improvements need to happen to our laws and to our practices.” However, constructing new animal law has been praised by all.