New acts to Improve Animal Care

A new act has been introduced by the National Farm Animal Care Council. According to the council it will allow the industry, people and farm owners to treat the animals in an updated way. Council is expecting a positive impact on the owners and they will have an updated way to communicate and understanding of how farm animals should be taken care in Canada.

The Council of National farm animal in collaboration with diverse stakeholders is working hard to promote the awareness among farm owners for animal care and welfare. They implemented the new code so that the owners can have an extra-ordinary outline about how to take care of the farm animals. This updated code will be the new law for treating animal.

The Council worked on the already existing animal welfare codes and after their research and work of several years they’ve become successful to point out the main lacking and they updated eight codes of practice. Pigs, beef cattle, sheep, equine, farmed mink, farmed fox, poultry related to the meat bird side including broilers, turkey and hatching eggs as well a code for laying hens have been updated.

The officials of the National Farm Animal Care Council believe that some of the code of practice has become quite back dated so they took the measure in their hand and pled to update the codes. The codes are nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of farm animals and now it’s time to update the code so that owners can take good care of their farm animals.

The codes of practice cover housing management, food and water, health, transportation and euthanasia. Codes are intended to provide better management and outline for animal welfare and with the recent update the scenario will be lot better.