Effective Measures have been Initiated to Save Cyprus Animals

People have become reckless and careless about the animals. In Cyprus, most of the animals have become unprotected and being regularly killed brutally by the shooters in the last few years. Though each and every country strictly prohibit animal shooting or killing but people most of time don’t care about the law and shoot for their fun. Whether it’s fun or something else, killing animals should be stopped right away otherwise nature will lose its beauty and will be imbalanced.

Animal Responsibility Cyprus in short ARC is one of the resisting voices who strongly protest this mass killing. ARC is now the voice for the animal of Cyprus with a motto of, people doesn’t have any right to kill animals. They strongly oppose where people make animals suffer in any means. Everyone is welcome in this voluntary organization. They intend to do something good on behalf of animals. They’re effort and past work result have been appreciated by the mass and now other animal right preservation organizations are raising their voices to make sure the animals are safe.

In their latest step they worked to protect the bats. They took different measures to let the people know about the usefulness and the importance of these animals. Most of the time people seem to think bats are useless and they have no importance. But each and every animals play important role in conserving the balance of the eco system. We can’t just outlast any species. If we do so we’ll have to pay terrible price.

Animal Responsibility Cyprus has started the mass awareness and now it’s our turn to let everybody know about the facts. The time has come. We must complete our responsibility to prevent animal killing and brutality and save the balance of our beloved earth.