Cyprus Police Get Criticized for Failing to Take Action against a Puppy Attacker

Animal lovers have cursed the policemen because they failed to take any action against a man who has been seen beating a puppy. This terrible incident has expanded through the internet very shortly and even CNN has reported it after a teenage local girl promoted this on her Facebook profile.

This distraught girl has been quoted on CNN calling the foreigners to boycott traveling to Cyprus unless the animal welfare law is properly established. The girl described this incident. The name of the puppy was Thunder and it was attacked by a man without a reason. The personal details of that man have not been made public.

The witnesses said that the puppy was playing with the children and suddenly, the attacker launched at the puppy and was hitting it in a maniacal. All of these happened in the presence of all small children.

The animal welfare organization has strongly protested it calling the police to take necessary action for violating of the relevant laws. The organization urged police to ensure the proper implementation of these laws and to get deep into the case of Thunder. Police said necessary orders have been given by the police chief for investigation. The organization also asked to develop a special unit of police to look after animals.

The local police have been heavily criticized by hundreds of local and foreign readers of CNN article. According to the most of the witnesses, police did not take any action against the attacker although it had been reported to them.

A family managed everything for the puppy to get it to the veterinary clinic and there, it had been treated by the veterinary doctors. The animal welfare organization has called everyone to be aware of the animal laws and said these barbaric events don’t bring us honor.