New Animal Welfare Law at Nicosia Cyprus

Michalis Lagos, Health Inspector of Nicosia Municipality, said that the growing problem with animal welfare and stray dogs needs to be more flexible. Productive law that will hopefully be in place at the end of this year.

The local municipalities, interior ministry, officials from the game fund veterinary services and NGO’s have been conducted to contribute in constructing a new law that will oversee swifter and efficient handling of situations where animals have been abandoned.

Lagos said, “In many situations it boils down to the owners of the animals. It happens especially in cases of stray dogs. All animals have certain needs, whether they are dietary or physical and the people looking to purchase a pet should complete the necessary research to learn what they are getting themselves into.”

According to Lagos, the Nicosia Municipality had received a number of reports about the stray dogs, which he put down to the end of hunting season. He added, “There is always an increase in numbers of dogs at this time of the year at the end of hunting season, a problem that we hope the new law will eradicate.“

A stray dog is picked by the local authorities and they pick it in temporary care for 15 days. If its owner doesn’t come back to look it, it is handed to the Nicosia Dog Shelter. Nicosia municipality advertises about the lost dogs in the papers, hoping that the owner can be found.

Charalambos Theopemtou, Environment Commissioner, beliefs that many active organizations that work on the behalf of the animals have been founded, but there is still room for improvement. He said, “Serious improvements need to happen to our laws and to our practices.” However, constructing new animal law has been praised by all.

Animal Life in Cyprus

There are so many animals available in Cyprus, but the people have been treating poorly with them. However, some people came ahead and took the responsibility to save them. Fortunately, many of the people now understand the role of the animals in the human life. Anyway, today I am going tell about animal life here in Cyprus.

As told there are many animals as it’s in Cyprus. One of the most famous wild animals is the moufflon. It’s a shy mountain sheep found in the Stavros tis Psokas. The Stavros this Psokas is situated in the Paphos forest. There are also many goats and sheep grazing the hilly landscape. Donkeys can be found in wine-growing areas. Additionally, you can find small animals such as hares, foxes, squirrels and rabbits in the forest.

Summer dry landscape is a natural home for snakes, lizards and chameleons of Cyprus. I can bet you will love to see the reptiles crossing your paths or perhaps taking sun bath on a stone. Rare sea turtles have made Lara Beach as their home. Often, sea turtles swim in the daytime near the coast of Mediterranean. Over 260 species of fish live off the coast.

Over 375 species of birds have been identified here in Cyprus. This is because migrating birds make their stop here in the winter season. There are also many other birds come to Cyprus for breeding. This is the reason why ornithologists love Cyprus.

Many tourist travels with their pet animals. In Cyprus, carrying pet animals is open, there is, however, some rules that must be followed. If you want to carry your personal pet animal, then it should be a problem. The restriction is, you cannot carry the animals for commercial purposes.

New acts to Improve Animal Care

A new act has been introduced by the National Farm Animal Care Council. According to the council it will allow the industry, people and farm owners to treat the animals in an updated way. Council is expecting a positive impact on the owners and they will have an updated way to communicate and understanding of how farm animals should be taken care in Canada.

The Council of National farm animal in collaboration with diverse stakeholders is working hard to promote the awareness among farm owners for animal care and welfare. They implemented the new code so that the owners can have an extra-ordinary outline about how to take care of the farm animals. This updated code will be the new law for treating animal.

The Council worked on the already existing animal welfare codes and after their research and work of several years they’ve become successful to point out the main lacking and they updated eight codes of practice. Pigs, beef cattle, sheep, equine, farmed mink, farmed fox, poultry related to the meat bird side including broilers, turkey and hatching eggs as well a code for laying hens have been updated.

The officials of the National Farm Animal Care Council believe that some of the code of practice has become quite back dated so they took the measure in their hand and pled to update the codes. The codes are nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of farm animals and now it’s time to update the code so that owners can take good care of their farm animals.

The codes of practice cover housing management, food and water, health, transportation and euthanasia. Codes are intended to provide better management and outline for animal welfare and with the recent update the scenario will be lot better.

Animal Responsibility Group: Responsibility and Caring Comes with Dominion

If you dig into recent few months newspaper you’ll find lots on the controversial relationship between man and animals. It’s one of the hot topics now but there’s been lots of discussion from the starting of the humanity. The relationship is stated as so important that even in Bible it was mentioned. On the 1st Page of the Bible, Genesis 1:26 makes it clear that man has dominion over animals. But it’s not dominion over the animals that creates the discussion rather the responsibility that comes within the dominion is the matter for discussion.

It’s our duty to be responsible with the animals whose lie in our dominion. Of course there are few exceptions who would argue against humans exercising reasonable responsibility on animals. We must give enough care and food supply to the animals we dominate.

Last week an animal rights group has released a hidden cam video of relentless torturing inside a hog barn in Manitoba. The video shocked every bit of humanity. After the release of the video, several animal rights groups have raised their voices against this inhuman activity.

The level of disrespect they’ve shown in the video is totally unacceptable by human nature. The Canadian Pork Council has taken the matter very seriously though they demand it doesn’t show that the entire farm house is same.

The Council is willing to show zero tolerance in the matter. If you face any economic pressure that doesn’t mean you have to disregard animal welfare. You must provide quality animal care, regardless the situation.

The officials will look further in the matter and will make an example so that no one ever dares to disrespect animal welfare in future.

What should be the Animal Welfare Strategies?

An agreement signed for educating people about the proper treatment with animals. This agreement was contracted between the World Society for the Protection of Animals, a global leader in animal welfare and Animal Health, and Welfare Branch of the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association at the third China Veterinary Conference on 30th of October. The agreement was for those people who don’t keep pets or don’t used to work in an environment where animals are around. They might even think animal welfare education has nothing to do with them.

Animal welfare is not all about giving food and basic care. It also about protecting them from avoidable sufferings caused by humans. People in China are more concerned about their food safety in daily life. If you care for the animals, the food is more likely to be safe. A recent study of WHO (World Health Organization) showed that 75 percent of new diseases which affected humans over the past 10 years are caused by pathogens originating from an animal or product from an animal origin.

Quality and safety of animal products such as eggs, meats and dairy is often determined by how animals are kept in the farm. Animal welfare is needed to spread among the people of China to create harmony among animals, humans and the environment.

China has second largest economy in the world and due to that reason China farms and consumes a big number of poultry and livestock. Therefore China needs a better guidance to stay collected on their welfare policy.

All of the technical support, consultation and partial funding will be provided by WSPA. In addition to that they will also create courses on in-depth research for animal welfare in more than 30 Chinese Universities and perform a veterinary undergraduate’s survey, through which conventions will be held to formulate training for animal welfare teachers and to develop pilot education programs.

Effective Measures have been Initiated to Save Cyprus Animals

People have become reckless and careless about the animals. In Cyprus, most of the animals have become unprotected and being regularly killed brutally by the shooters in the last few years. Though each and every country strictly prohibit animal shooting or killing but people most of time don’t care about the law and shoot for their fun. Whether it’s fun or something else, killing animals should be stopped right away otherwise nature will lose its beauty and will be imbalanced.

Animal Responsibility Cyprus in short ARC is one of the resisting voices who strongly protest this mass killing. ARC is now the voice for the animal of Cyprus with a motto of, people doesn’t have any right to kill animals. They strongly oppose where people make animals suffer in any means. Everyone is welcome in this voluntary organization. They intend to do something good on behalf of animals. They’re effort and past work result have been appreciated by the mass and now other animal right preservation organizations are raising their voices to make sure the animals are safe.

In their latest step they worked to protect the bats. They took different measures to let the people know about the usefulness and the importance of these animals. Most of the time people seem to think bats are useless and they have no importance. But each and every animals play important role in conserving the balance of the eco system. We can’t just outlast any species. If we do so we’ll have to pay terrible price.

Animal Responsibility Cyprus has started the mass awareness and now it’s our turn to let everybody know about the facts. The time has come. We must complete our responsibility to prevent animal killing and brutality and save the balance of our beloved earth.

New Laws on Animal Welfare in California

California government and administration is paying extra attention in animal welfare. In the latest news they have announced new laws for animal protection. It’ll prohibit certain hunting, increase animal protection and add extra penalty in animal cruelty. Advocates working on animal rights and protection are pleased with the new announcement.

From now on using the dog in bears and bobcats hunting is strictly prohibited. In the new bill cockfighting has been banned and if anyone found out guilty with this charge will be penalized from a maximum of $5,000 to $10,000. Penalty for dog and other types of animal fighting is also increased in this newly passed bill.

Many of the owners declaw their pets. This process is painful and leaves the pets defenseless. In this bill, this has been prohibited and will be charged as animal cruelty which will lead the owners to penalty.

Government will follow strict restriction to protect to animal cruelty. The owners who will be charged with animal cruelty won’t gain custody of their animals and they must pay the full costs of medication if the animals are confiscated.

Also two bills were passed which will strongly affect the state’s fishing and gaming scenario. No more amateur will be able to take part in the commission. To participate they must have wildlife background.

Hunting groups are strongly opposing most of the bills. They think the newly passed laws will leave a little option for them and most of them are unnecessary. Maximum families have pets like cats or dogs. Without little exception most of people treat their pets as a family member. The animal welfare commission is quite charmed by the new initiative taken and welcomed the government to take such bold step in animal protection.

New Policy on Animal Responsibility in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth City in Texas has taken a new policy in animal responsibility. Under this new policy the Fort Worth Animal Shelter will continue to accept owners’ surrenders if there’s a “public health, welfare or safety” risk. The surrender also includes sick animals. The owners who are elder enough and can’t take good care of their pets or any sick animal which can create problems to public health and hygiene this shelter will gladly accept them.

This new policy has already been passed and the shelter is taking owners surrender. But animal advocates are worrying this new policy will cause problem for shelter. They worry that the crowded Fort Worth animal shelter’s move to cut off most owner surrenders will result in more dogs being abandoned in the street, and nonprofit shelters and rescue groups being swamped.

City’s code compliance director Bennett said “unconscientious owners have dumped their pets ‘all over the city,’ even when the shelter took ‘everything that came to our doorstep’.”

Bennett said the city isn’t trying to push animal control responsibility off on nonprofits like the Humane Society of North Texas, whose operations director said Wednesday that the city is shirking its taxpayer-funded obligation to the public health.

“We can’t lose sight of the fact that we’re operating at capacity,” and the city has a constrained budget, Bennett said. “That falls under the health, welfare or safety caveat,” he said.

The policy will change the lazy and careless owners who haven’t made any effort to find suitable home for their pets. Within this month shelter will take more than 25,000 animals. Through July 31 around 3,422 pets have been surrendered by their owners. More will be and the city will take their responsibility from their owners.

Cyprus Police Get Criticized for Failing to Take Action against a Puppy Attacker

Animal lovers have cursed the policemen because they failed to take any action against a man who has been seen beating a puppy. This terrible incident has expanded through the internet very shortly and even CNN has reported it after a teenage local girl promoted this on her Facebook profile.

This distraught girl has been quoted on CNN calling the foreigners to boycott traveling to Cyprus unless the animal welfare law is properly established. The girl described this incident. The name of the puppy was Thunder and it was attacked by a man without a reason. The personal details of that man have not been made public.

The witnesses said that the puppy was playing with the children and suddenly, the attacker launched at the puppy and was hitting it in a maniacal. All of these happened in the presence of all small children.

The animal welfare organization has strongly protested it calling the police to take necessary action for violating of the relevant laws. The organization urged police to ensure the proper implementation of these laws and to get deep into the case of Thunder. Police said necessary orders have been given by the police chief for investigation. The organization also asked to develop a special unit of police to look after animals.

The local police have been heavily criticized by hundreds of local and foreign readers of CNN article. According to the most of the witnesses, police did not take any action against the attacker although it had been reported to them.

A family managed everything for the puppy to get it to the veterinary clinic and there, it had been treated by the veterinary doctors. The animal welfare organization has called everyone to be aware of the animal laws and said these barbaric events don’t bring us honor.

Time to Take Initiative for Saving Sumatran Rhinos

Around 26 years later nearly extinct Sumatran rhinos have been found in the Leuser forest in Aceh province of Indonesia. A conservationist’s team found the presence of this rare and critically endangered rhinos in this area. When it seemed, these two horned animals are actually extinct then discover of their presence in 9th Dec, 2011 outcry the animal lovers.

Among all rhino species, Sumatran rhinos are the most primitive and smallest. On International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List took place in Jakarta, these rhinos were declared as just a step away from extinction and hardly be found.

A forest ranger team of Leuser International Foundation was first to notice the presence of Sumatran rhinos. This team conducts a survey for around one year. Their aim was to sightseeing and trapping cameras in different positions to know about the activities of various animals and fortunately they found these animals after two decades.

From their trapped cameras they found over thousand photos of Sumatran rhinos roaming freely in the deepest forest. From the data and images found in two different locations, about 25 rhinos are found in this area. When the survey will be completed LIF is expecting this number will increase. But unfortunately, the survey team also noticed illegal activities in the forest. US Fish and Wildlife Service is funding for this survey and they are worried about the illegal activities may threaten the existence of these nearly extinct rhinos. It’ll be a matter of great sorrow if these activities cannot be controlled soon. In this eco system nearly 710 animal species live, 180 among them is nearly extinction. Not only we will lose these two horned rhinos but Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan, Malayan Sun Bears and Sumatran Elephant will face the same fate.