No More Captive Dolphins in Cyprus

ARC’s successful campaign resulted in the banning of the importation of cetaceans (dolphins, orcas) to Cyprus. In spite of Cyprus being a popular holiday spot, you will not see any so-called dolphinariums here. The Ayia Napa dolphimarium was closed down in 1999 as a result of our campaign. Subsequent applications to open captive dolphin shows were refused by the authorities.

Sadly, captive dolphins are still forced to perform in other European countries. Animal protection organizations have had no success in getting the trade in captive cetaceans banned.

Most people are now aware of the great intelligence and sensitivity of dolphins. These animals are designed to swim in vast oceans; their method of communication is by sonar. They send out sound signals that bounce back. Imagine the hell of the sonar communications bouncing back from the concrete walls of a swimming pool to the dolphin’s brain. The animals give up communicating; it is too painful.

When they are too ill to perform the mindless tricks, they are put in isolation and food is withheld. If this happened to humans it would be called torture. Please never pay to watch the humiliation of these gentle creatures.

In 2000, ARC gave presentations in Budapest and at the Animals 2000 WSPA conference in London, describing how we managed to make Cyprus dolphin-free with neither funding nor volunteers.