Animal Responsibility Group: Responsibility and Caring Comes with Dominion

If you dig into recent few months newspaper you’ll find lots on the controversial relationship between man and animals. It’s one of the hot topics now but there’s been lots of discussion from the starting of the humanity. The relationship is stated as so important that even in Bible it was mentioned. On the 1st Page of the Bible, Genesis 1:26 makes it clear that man has dominion over animals. But it’s not dominion over the animals that creates the discussion rather the responsibility that comes within the dominion is the matter for discussion.

It’s our duty to be responsible with the animals whose lie in our dominion. Of course there are few exceptions who would argue against humans exercising reasonable responsibility on animals. We must give enough care and food supply to the animals we dominate.

Last week an animal rights group has released a hidden cam video of relentless torturing inside a hog barn in Manitoba. The video shocked every bit of humanity. After the release of the video, several animal rights groups have raised their voices against this inhuman activity.

The level of disrespect they’ve shown in the video is totally unacceptable by human nature. The Canadian Pork Council has taken the matter very seriously though they demand it doesn’t show that the entire farm house is same.

The Council is willing to show zero tolerance in the matter. If you face any economic pressure that doesn’t mean you have to disregard animal welfare. You must provide quality animal care, regardless the situation.

The officials will look further in the matter and will make an example so that no one ever dares to disrespect animal welfare in future.