Animal Responsibility Cyprus: the voice of all animals

During last decades, the animals in the Cyprus have been unprotected and were regularly being shooting by the people. Shooting animals had become of the way to have fun here. Although killing animals is strictly prohibited by the law in every EU country, most of the people didn’t abide by these laws, killing animals ferociously. As a result, nature was losing its beauty.

While people killing animals, there were some who resisted, Animal Responsibility Cyprus in short ARC. According the ARC, humans don’t have the right to kill any kind of animals. So ARC becomes the voice of all animals in Cyprus. They also say people don’t have right to make the animals suffer. ARC’s work is completely voluntary so they welcome everyone who shows their interest to do something on the behalf of these animals. Their efforts have been appreciating by all, becoming one the popular voluntary organizations here in Cyprus.

Especially they have taken important measures in protecting fruit bats that can only be available in Cyprus, but the numbers of these bats were significantly being decreasing as some people were trying to shoot them to have such fun of hunting. In order to resist the people shooting bats and aware the general people, the volunteer of ARC produced leaflets and posters in English, Turkish and Greek, and distributed them. ARC also got success to draw the attention of government in Cyprus.

The volunteers have been letting the people know about the usefulness of bats. You would be astonished that only a small insect-eating bat can eat thousands of mosquitoes in every evening. So you can see these harmless small creatures are the gift of nature. However, ARC is getting success to protect them and as a conscious citizen, we should join to their voluntary activities.