Animal Life in Cyprus

There are so many animals available in Cyprus, but the people have been treating poorly with them. However, some people came ahead and took the responsibility to save them. Fortunately, many of the people now understand the role of the animals in the human life. Anyway, today I am going tell about animal life here in Cyprus.

As told there are many animals as it’s in Cyprus. One of the most famous wild animals is the moufflon. It’s a shy mountain sheep found in the Stavros tis Psokas. The Stavros this Psokas is situated in the Paphos forest. There are also many goats and sheep grazing the hilly landscape. Donkeys can be found in wine-growing areas. Additionally, you can find small animals such as hares, foxes, squirrels and rabbits in the forest.

Summer dry landscape is a natural home for snakes, lizards and chameleons of Cyprus. I can bet you will love to see the reptiles crossing your paths or perhaps taking sun bath on a stone. Rare sea turtles have made Lara Beach as their home. Often, sea turtles swim in the daytime near the coast of Mediterranean. Over 260 species of fish live off the coast.

Over 375 species of birds have been identified here in Cyprus. This is because migrating birds make their stop here in the winter season. There are also many other birds come to Cyprus for breeding. This is the reason why ornithologists love Cyprus.

Many tourist travels with their pet animals. In Cyprus, carrying pet animals is open, there is, however, some rules that must be followed. If you want to carry your personal pet animal, then it should be a problem. The restriction is, you cannot carry the animals for commercial purposes.