ARC(Animal Responsibility Cyprus) was founded in 1994 by Patricia Radnor and Kyriacos Kyriacou and registered with the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Patricia Radnor

He was born in Scotland and have lived in Cyprus for many years. He spent decades teaching and writing, and has also lived in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

He feels the animal work as spiritual work. Humans are unlikely to evolve to the stage where we can live in peace with each other until they have stopped killing the other animals with whom we share this planet.

Major influences on his thinking have been Henry Salt, John Howard Moore, Dr Tom Regan, Dr Temple Grandin, Dr Andrew Linzey and Dr Marc Bekoff. The first two are long since dead, but their writings are well worth seeking out. All of the others have websites, and their books are readily available.

Kyriacos Kyriacou

He is the co-founder of ARC with Patricia, and also a founder member of the Cyprus Green Party. He is also on the District Animal Welfare Committee (appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment).

He has devoted himself to animals. In Cyprus they have a strong meat-eating culture – even among environmentalists – so he is trying to change public attitudes.